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Lose Weight After Pregnancy, Tips to Restore Your Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Woman should not expect getting to their pre-pregnant weight soon after the baby is born. However, she should go back to usual shape by four to six weeks after delivery when the involution period is over or after the uterus goes back to the original position in the pelvis. Lucky for those women who gets rid of their “excess baggage” soon after delivery and whose concern subsequently are only for the baby, because for most,shredding off excess weight can be a real struggle for the remaining six to eight months, while this becomes a lifetime of concern for others. So, if you’re like many moms who feel they are losing their battle against post natal weight, you’re probably thinking of a radical move to get rid of those stubborn fats just like other celebrity moms you know, but that would require a great deal of money.

Women gain an average of 23 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, and they are expected to lose 12 to 14 pounds after delivery. But since you obtain those weights within 9 months, you should not expect to burn all of those fats in as early as few days or weeks, because that should correspondingly take time. If you are really determined to lose weight after pregnancy without the impediments of submitting yourself with surgical operation or going on these fab diets that are becoming popular today, try reading the e-book by Michelle Moss entitled “

Pregnancy without Pounds” because it has several great insights on natural solutions for the most common concerns during and after pregnancy including how to look great after delivery by losing those pounds.

Conversely again, if you are thinking of depriving yourself with foods soon after delivery to be one of the epitomes of those women who lose weight after pregnancy, health advocates would surely not recommend that to you. Few weeks after delivery, your body still needs enough nutrition and energy to compensate for numerous stresses that happens inside the body as a result of pregnancy. Also, one of the reasons why you should not go on a diet after pregnancy is because you require at least 1500 calories to supply your baby with milk for breastfeeding as it gives number of protection for the newly born child. But don’t worry about that, because the good news is you burn 500 calories a day by producing milk. A number of claims and studies already proved that breastfeeding helps woman shred pounds easily without much effort and reducethe weight gained while pregnant,hence eating would not be a problem as long as you’re choosing the right foods to consume.

Ideally, your food should consist of food choices that has enough nutrients and could help in lactation such as whole grain, green vegetables and lean meat. Your body is still coping with the stress you met during your pregnancy therefore you need to keep your energy level to the maximum by choosing just the right foods to eat. Indulging yourself with sweets, carbonated beverage and fatty or oily foods are still discouraged if you want to lose weight after pregnancy.

Fad diet are all around the corner these days, but that would not be a good option as it would only lessen your energy and deprive you of nourishment you need.

Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel ready to start exercising yet, give your time a break during this period by relaxing.  Anyway, you deserve that after nine months of demanding pregnancy. Exercise can only be started once you regained energy and when you feel that your body can already accommodate the burden of working.

In most cases, losing weight after pregnancy by means of exercise is permissible six weeks after normal delivery and eight weeks after caesarean section.

You may try yoga or pilate to help you trim your abdominal fats, but you can simply do brisk walking or go back to your usual sports if you miss doing sports which prohibits you from doing while you were still pregnant. Start working out on a slower pace and watch out for any unpleasant feeling such as dizziness before totally performing your chosen regimen. Aside from going back to you pre-pregnant state, exercise can help you relieve post-partum depression and it is safe to do even if you are breastfeeding. Still, forceful exercise is discouraged even if you want to lose weight after pregnancy easily. That practice could only drain your energy and could only harm your body.

Just a reminder, you may not see the result instantly by doing natural techniques to lose weight after pregnancy, but wouldsurely help you lose weight subsequently. So don’t exasperate yourself in seeing result straightaway, just continue with the routine and have fun caring on thewell-being of your baby.