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How Does PhenQ Work?

You’ve read all the amazing reviews from people who have used PhenQ to help them lose an amazing amount of weight, and you’re probably wondering “How Does PhenQ work?” It may seem too good to be true, but it’s for real.

PhenQ Weight Loss Fundamentals

The reason PhenQ works so well at helping people lose weight is because it’s able to accomplish the three fundamental requirements every diet product needs: increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and decrease the body’s ability to store fat.

When all three are combined into one product the results are incredible, and is the reason why you read so many positive Phen reviews.

It’s the ingredients in Phen that are responsible for performing each of these three critical functions. Not only that, but they are safe and natural, or have been taken by people for decades to treat a variety of ailments, including nasal congestion and lack of energy:

Capsaicin – raises body temperature, increases metabolism, and increases the flow of blood to fatty tissue areas, allowing acids to get in and break down fat.

Dimethylpentylamine – patented by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant, it also is an effective appetite suppressant.

L-carnitine – helps the body transport fatty acids into cells so fat can be broken down and turned into energy.

Tongkate Ali – helps increase muscle mass, which means more calories will need to be consumed or burned to maintain the muscle.

Trimethylxanthine raises metabolism and decreases appetite.

If you’ve been trying to lose stubborn weight that just doesn’t seem to want to come off, chances are the product you’re using doesn’t combine the three fundamental elements needed for a successful diet product: increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and decreasing the body’s ability to store fat.

With Phen, you can have all three, and you’ll see why everyone thinks it’s such a remarkable product!
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