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Fit & Healthy? Small Steps

Fit. Healthy. We all want that, right? Wanting isn’t the problem … it’s the doing.

Fact is that no mater how big you are, how unfit, how far down the road from healthy you may be, the only way to turn the corner and start on the road back to good health is to get up, get out there and do something about it.

Does that sound like hard work? Of course it does but you know what? The easy part is the doing, the hard part is acknowledging that you need to get started, that it’s time. No one wants to work hard for anything, be it their health, that dream job, big bucks or an awesome car. Deep down we all want it to just appear in our laps …

Unfortunately that’s not how it works, so let’s look at a few ways in which you can help yourself get started.

Start small: don’t go haring off, thinking big, doing big. You’re setting yourself up to fail. Start off with small steps, with achievable short-term goals. Something like this:weigh yourself. Figure out your ideal weight (be realistic, don’t be silly), and tell yourself ‘ok, in two weeks I will aim for a total 5lb weight loss’ – you see? Small steps

Be realistic: as mentioned above, about the ideal weight – don’t set yourself an unrealistic target. It doesn’t matter that you weighed 95lbs as a 21 year old. You;re now 45, and weighing 20lbs more is far healthier, not to mention realistic. Age changes our bodies, so do bear that in mind.

Be honest: don’t take up running if you hate the thought of it. Don’t take up swimming if you’ve ever like being in water. Choose a form of exercise you’ll enjoy. An example: I use a combination. I walk most days, rather that drive or use public transport. I have a flex belt for my tummy and upper arms (yes they work if you use them correctly, here: some coupons), and I work out to DVD’s at home. Simple yet effective.

Get started: the most important factor after you’ve worked out the above. Don’t think ‘ok, next week, I’m going to make a start’, think ‘now!’. Go for it, get out there, make that call, join a club, buy that DVD, or new piece of gym equipment. Set you goal and go for it.

What are you waiting for?