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Eat Less & Exercise More May Not Be The Best Way To Lose Fat

When it comes to losing weight, more importantly, losing fat too many people make the biggest mistake that is one of the very reasons they cannot lose the fat no matter how good of a workout program they may use.

Weve all heard the old philosophy “eat less and exercise more” to lose weight, right? But, is it really that simple? Is simply eating less and exercising more the answer? Keep reading and you will be very surprised…

Ok, so it is true that you can eat less and exercise more and lose weight. In fact, its easy to do. Just cut your current daily caloric intake in half and add more exercise and you will indeed lose weight. But, theres a catch…

You see, losing weight and losing fat are 2 completely different things entirely. Sure you can lose weight but that isnt what you should really be trying to do.

Let me explain. Losing weight merely implies that the number you see on your scale is going down. Whats wrong with that you ask? Well, your scale doesnt tell you where that weight you lost came from. Weight loss can be in the form of water, muscle, fat and other things.

If you lose water and muscle you ultimately decrease your metabolic rate which means you burn fewer calories and less fat over time. That is exactly opposite of what you want.

Getting Lean!

And that is the problem with the old “eat less and exercise more” philosophy. Its not that the statement is bad advice, but rather that about 99% of the population takes it way overboard by cutting too many calories beyond what they need to effectively lose fat.

And fat loss must be the goal of any “weight loss” program. You dont want to simply lose weight because you want to maintain as much lean muscle as possible. You want to know that any weight loss has occurred as the result of losing fat not muscle.

When you lose fat and maintain or increase lean muscle you have a metabolic engine that will burn body fat faster than you ever imagined. So, be careful about “eating less and exercising more” there is a fine balance that must me found to obey one of the 5 Factors To Master Fat Loss.